Partners & Collections

Nwando Achebe (Michigan State University)

  • Igbo Women and the Biafran War
  • When Deities Marry

Getnet Bekele (Oakland University)

  • Land Use in Rural and Urban Ethiopia

Gracia Clark (Indiana University)

  • Kumasi Market Women’s Life Stories

Mary Esther Kroop Dakubu (Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana)

  • The Kroop Dakubu Collection of Farefari Discourse

Laura Fair (Michigan State University)

  • Taarab Songs of Siti binti Saad of Zanzibar

Breanne Grace (Michigan State University)

  • Zigula Narratives of Migration in Tanzania and Somalia

Josh Grace (Michigan State University)

  • Oral History among the Zigula of Somalia

Wapu Mulwafu (University of Malawi Chancellor College)

  • Environmental History of Malawi

Assan Sarr (College of Charleston)

  • Mandinka Land Tenure Systems: History and Customs

SAHA (South African History Archive)

  • ‘Forgotten’ Voices in the Present Project
  • Julie Frederikse Collection
  • White South Africans who Fought against Apartheid
  • 1981 Detainees History Project
  • Military Intelligence in Apartheid-era South Africa

Tessema Ta’a (Addis Ababa University)

  • Memories of Maccaa Oromo in Wallagga and Shawa

United Nations Multimedia Research Unit

  • Anti-Apartheid Radio Program