Essay Proposals



Law & Ethics in the Digital Age/Reeves File:OHDA Essay Proposal Reeves Collecting Law & Ethics.pdf

Donating oral history in the digital age/Reeves File:OHDA Essay Proposal Reeves Collecting donating oral history.pdf

Planning Oral History/MacDowell et al. File:OHDA Essay Proposal distributed planning.pdf

How the Public Interacts with Audio Visual Resources: Peter Kauffman

Preservation Considerations in the Field: Scott Pennington


Transcribing Oral History Interviews in the Digital Age/Shopes File:Shopes OHDA Essay Proposal distributed.pdf

Digital Preservation/Boyd File:OHDA Essay Proposal dig preservation.pdf

Collection Management Systems/Abdmishani-Price

Metadata/MacKay File:ProposalMetadata.pdf

Audio Preservation/ Cunningham

Video Preservation: Kara Van Malssen

IP: John Neuanschwander

Curating Tribal Collections: Elizabeth Lowman

Ethnographic Archival Approach to Rights/Bulger

Voice Recognition/Oard

Content Management/ Frisch

Digitizing Audio

Digitizing Video

Digitizing Transcripts–OCR

Curating for User Centered Approach to Access/Tebau and Lambert


Digital Archive Systems/Boyd

Oral History and Website Creation/Bryan

Oral History and Radio/Bryan

Mobile Technologies/Tebeau

Video Delivery: Plugins are so 2010

Putting interviews online: a legal/ethical discussion: Mary Larson

Creative Commons Licensing and Oral History

Oral History and Digital Curricula: Mary Larson

Use of AV resources in Education: Peter Kauffman