Project Outline

Collecting, Curating, Disseminating, IP, Video, Technology Groups
5/25 Finalize Group Membership
-confirm membership
-submit administrative information to Doug
5/31/10 Preliminary Group Summaries
-Overall mission/vision statement
-identifying areas of focus for each group
-assign tasks to group members
-a preliminary set of consultants
-identfy needs from Technology, IP, and Video groups
-assign group liaisons
*curating-IP – given my knowledge of IRB issues, I think it makes sense for me to be the curating group liaison to IP. LShopes

6/15/10-9/15/2010 Research, analysis and interpretation
-contact consultants
-Groups meet
-Liaisons meet with corresponding groups
-Gather data regarding best practices for each area of focus
-Organize, Analyze, interpret data results
-Confirm remaining knowledge gaps
9/15/10- 10/25/10 Preliminary Draft Report
-draft form is fine for the symposium
-symposium is part of the fine tuning process