Project Talking Points

The following is talking points for when approaching potential group members and consultants:

[edit] Summary

Oral History in a Digital Age: Michigan State University, through the MATRIX Center and the Michigan State University Museum, has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center, the American Folklore Society, and the Oral History Association to recommend standards and best practices for digital oral history.
We have created multidisciplinary working groups recruited from experts and practitioners from museums, libraries, and scholarly societies to work online, at meetings such as national conferences, and in a symposium at the Library of Congress to produce recommendations around core topics that represent the different phases of oral history:
Collecting Curating Disseminating
These phases of the oral history process are will focus primarily on investigating and articulating best practices pertaining to areas inovlving:
Intellectual property, technology, and specifically, digital video.
We will be discussing findings at a symposium in DC on November 3rd, 2010. Final recommendations from all groups will be published as a guide to conducting digital oral history.
[edit] Group Members

Group members will be paid $500/grant year
Group members will work together with other group members and leaders to assist in the construction of best practices pertaining to their area of focus.
Group members will be responsible for working with other cross functional groups.
Group members will work online and through conference calling.
Frequency of meeting will be determined by the individual group.

[edit] Consultants

Consultants/advisor will be used to obtain specific information pertaining to the groups mission. Please document the information gathered from consultants so they can be appropriately cited or acknowledged.

“As part of our group mission for this grant project, we are seeking specific information pertaining to [consultant’s area of expertise] and are hoping that you would be willing to take some time to help us answer some questions in our overall mission.”
Although we are unable to pay, the consultant’s will be cited or acknowledged in any final publication of material.
We appreciate the consultant’s sharing their expertise with this project.